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Product Development

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We can offer customised products for specific purposes (subject to commercial viability).

Our experience and knowledge using new technology materials can offer innovative marketers the advantage they need to compete in an increasingly technical market place.

Many such projects are included in our bespoke specialised product ranges including some of the following examples.

Solid Lubricant

A two year development project was carried out, initiated by London Underground Scientific Services Department. The project aimed to develop a wheel / rail lubricant in solid form, which was transferred to the interface to prevent rail and flange wear.



Synthetic Gel Lubrication

A unique bag in can application, enabling a semi-fluid lubricant to be dispensed free of propellant gases. This product has to meet stringent approvals for biodegradability, water washability and lubricant performance.


Biodegradable Chain Lubricant

Biodegradable lubricants offer a more inherently environmentally friendly alternative to conventional lubricants and in some specific applications can also be more cost effective solutions. One such example has been Solar's development of biodegradable lubricants for the forestry management section.