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Quality and Lab services

Quality Assurance - ISO 9001-2015

Following our first accreditation (Registered No Q9843) in 1992, and now superseded by ISO9001-2015(GB97/9843) all manufacturing procedures are in accordance with our quality system. Raw materials are purchased from approved suppliers and are quality controlled on delivery in accordance with an agreed specification.

All production batches are lot traceable, and are stringently inspected prior to dispatch.

We regard quality of products and services as our most precious asset and are committed to maintaining our reputation in order to satisfy our customers.

Laboratory Services

We offer a range of analytical diagnostic reports for used oils. This service is aimed at preventative maintenance scheduling, and can offer substantial savings for users who can predict otherwise unforeseen breakdowns.

In addition, we have development facilities including infra red spectroscopy, four ball EP, shear stability, dielectric testing, oxidation resistance, viscometery etc